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    Spearfishing has been around since the dawn of time. Our ancestors probably used a simple spear to stab their dinner as it swam by. Underwater Hunters use spearguns, carbon fins, low volume masks, wetsuits, and many tools to catch their dinner in the deep blue ocean.

    We are proud to share with you our new and unforgettable spearfishing experience in Copenhagen. Our spearfishing guide trains on freediving, safety, speargun control, breathing techniques, fish identification, and many other techniques that will have you spearing fish quickly and safely. From the shore or from our boat we are pleased to share this with you and to discover our beautiful underwater world together.

    Ocean Dive Explorers is proposing to our dear costumers several options - from a discover Spaerfishing day to an Advanced course and boat trips.

    Discover Sparefishing course: Our one day course is the ideal formula to start with spearfishing, an underwater sport combining snorkeling and exploration of the underwater world. You will discover the fundamentals of free diving, breathing, ventilation and relaxation. Your instructor will go through topics on regulation, safety and advise you on equipment and materials. You will learn to control your body with your breathing, move through the water in the most efficient and silent way. You will “read and understand" the underwater world and techniques to catch your first fish by using the "surface hunter" or "hole hunter" technique.

    Advanced Experience: Become an efficient aquatic hunter and take your spearfishing to the next level. In spearfishing there is always something new to learn, e.g. the Ambush technique which you are going to learn to master.  This is the continuation of our first level spearfishing course. We will help you to get better and to learn more about free diving techniques and how to stay longer under the water. To master the "ambush" you will have to hyperventilate to flood your bloodstream with oxygen, then dive to the bottom and stay frozen in place with your speargun extended. Your goal is to blend in with your surroundings. The goal is to combine the different spearfishing techniques.

    Boat trip: If you fancy to hunt in the open sea and to reach deeper depth we also organize boat trips around Copenhagen for experienced spearfishers.

    Need to rent freediving or spearfishing gear? We have you covered. Whether it is a speargun, wetsuit, or a complete package, Ocean Dive has what you need for your course.

    (From 18years old)

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